Be the change.
Resist is the app for crowdsourced progressive actions.

The Mission

Let's help people make real, meaningful change, no matter how little experience or time they have. With the Resist app, you can see actions to take, and also contribute new actions to amplify your impact.

See and take action, right now.

See recent news paired with actions, which can be as quick as signing a petition, or more involved, like attending a local protest.

Get one featured action, daily.

Every day, we choose one action to feature and put it into your Resist Widget. See it from the lock screen or notification center.

Add actions to anything you read.

Just tap the Share button in any app or site, and the Resist Extension lets you add actions. It works with any website like CNN or WaPo, and even through all your news apps, like Apple News and NYTimes.

Extension and Bookmarklet.

For desktop, the Chrome extension is the easiest way to view and add actions for others to see. Alternatively, the bookmarklet allows you limited viewing of actions on all browsers.

Go the extra mile. Be a core contributor.

Are you a passionate progressive? The Core Contributors signup is now open for volunteers who are interested in helping to grow and moderate Resist's content and community.

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